Di Felice to Nordkapp

Omar Di Felice ready to cross Finland to reach Nordkapp

Italian ultracyclist Omar Di Felice is ready to start for his next though adventure. This will be his fifth arctic adventure and Selle San Marco is proud to be alongside with him again.

omar di felice

He will start from Helsinki and, after riding 1650 km through Finland and Norway, he will try to reach Nordkapp on his Wilier Triestina road bike (equipped with special tires and winter equipments)
He will start from Suunto HQ (Helsinki) on Monday 30th January at 8.30 am.
He will ride 1650 km in only 10 days (9 stages with 1 rest day in Rovaniemi) facing an extreme winter, arctic nights and icy surface roads.
The day before the start (Sunday 29th January at 4.00 pm) Omar will be live on his Facebook Page to talk about this experience: tips, tricks and q&a session to know everything about this amazing exeperience.
Every day, during the adventure, his support team will post constantly on his page pictures, videos and live update from the road to Nordkapp.

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